Manly Man Shaving Cream in a Jar

Our shaving cream is luxurious and fresh.  It will glide on easily and create a slick shave.  The cream will nourish your skin while doing it's job and if you're prone to skin rashes after shaving, this cream will stop the rash.  With notes of grapefruit, it is fresh and clean.


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Manly Man Shaving Soap in a Jar - Grapefruit

Back in "the day", real men only ever used proper soap to shave with.  We've gone back to basics and we created the soap in a Jar for our Manly Men.  This brings back the art of shaving like they used to do when Grandad was still alive.  Our shaving soap in a jar has fresh notes of grapefruit and an after-feel of freshness and a conditioned skin.  You're going to love this product.


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